Soft, creamy and simply delicious, Puck Cream Cheese Spread is a prime choice for everyday breakfast and snacks. This mild in flavour and smooth in texture cream cheese combines perfectly with soft breads, crispy toasts and bagels. Puck Cream Cheese Spread comes in convenient twist-off jar that guarantees long-lasting freshness.

With a creamy and characterful flavour, Puck Premium Feta Cheese is an easy way to add a unique twist to everyday dishes and appetisers. This irresistible feta cheese combines beautifully with salads, pastries, pastas, and soups. Puck’s feta cheese is a must-have for preparing the traditional Greek salad, and its salty taste ideally blends with both fresh and grilled vegetables. Also, Puck Premium Feta Cheese proves a versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed in a number of forms – added to a salad, baked in a tart or crumbled on top of a pasta sauce. Discover new culinary horizons with Puck Premium Feta Cheese Block


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